Higher learning

I was absolutely surprised and thrilled when I saw how great this photo turned out. As I stood in the dark of night, in front of this stunning building on the Columbia University campus in NYC I never expected the light within and around the building to become so evident in the photo. Nor did I expect that the clouds would appear to be so prominent in the sky. 

This photo was edited with the built-in iPhone features. 



Garden finial


We have a few of these finials around the garden. I like how they add punch in some spots. I took this photo using my iPhone 5 with the Hipstamatic app again set to automatically randomize. This pic used the Libatique 73 lens, Blanko freedom 13 film, Jolly Rainbo 2x flash then used the Pixlromatic+ app with the Film set to Anne, the Light set to Grunge, and the Frame selected as Scratches.


Flowers arranged


I took this picture of flowers with the Hipstamatic app. I have the app set to automatically randomize settings so in this case the photo was taken with the Foxy lens, Blanko Noir film, and Dreampop flash.

After that I edited the pic with the Distressed FX app where I selected the Dove & Absentia filters to give it this final look.


Where games are played


About a month ago we were in San Diego for a business conference and once that was done we stayed downtown for a night at the Hard Rock hotel. Some friends met up with us there, as well as my niece who happens to live in the area (She’s my oldest brother’s daughter so she is quite grown up).

Anyway! We had the most spectacular view of this stadium from our hotel room. To say nothing of the coolness of our room! Definitely way cooler than we are. And I loved it.

I edited the original photo taken with my iPhone 5 with the TtV PS app by adding the Argoflex – Grunge frame & adjusting the following levels: Brightness at 8%, Contrast at 15%, Opacity at 88%, and No color filter.




Last week the husband and I went to Las Vegas for a quick trip to getaway from it all (before I went postal). This picture was taken from our hotel room. I love the edge created by the mountain ridge against the sky.

I used the native iPhone 5 camera then used the LoMob app with the Vintage instant – Variation filter to give the pic this look. It almost has a 1950’s look & feel to it. Guess that vintage filter really works! Ha.


Early morning


The other morning I went out to run and as I was returning home this was my view. I had to capture it. They say you should see a sunrise at least once a year. This was one of many for me since I only ever have time to run in the AM.

I took this picture with my iPhone 5 native camera then edited it with the LoMob app (I think!?).


Another example of real life as art


So with the end of the calendar year I’ve been super distracted by the real world deadlines in business. Including, but not limited to all the tax prep and planning that occurs during this month of April. This statement is my way of explaining the lack of posts here on my “daily” iphone pics blog. Heh. Yeah.

Moving on…

I love how this filter, Grunge from the Retrogram app, gives this photo the look of a painting on canvas with a bit of newsprint stuck on & then pealed off later.

I took this pic during our recent getaway to Las Vegas. Obviously that’s not the real Eiffel tower in the background but the Paris hotel edition of said monument.


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